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At ArchiDev Studio, we are dedicated to providing full-service architecture and development solutions to our clients. Our expertise lies in designing residential, multifamily, and mixed-use projects, with a particular focus on apartments & condominiums integrated with commercial. We also specialize in urban infill projects with our keen ability to capture overlooked nuances offering a distinct perspective from the norm. We strive to eliminate any surprises throughout the process with our experienced team. 



Commercial Multifamily,

Mixed-Use Projects


San Diego, California

Feasibility Studies

We evaluate the potential of a site or building for a specific development or renovation project. We will provide a detailed report outlining site constraints, zoning regulations & design possibilities. Our study will provide a foundational understanding for informed decision-making, ensuring that project ambitions align with practical and regulatory realities.


Density Studies

We will identify the maximum amount of built space that can be accommodated on a site considering factors like land use regulations, environmental constraints, infrastructure capacity, and more. Not sure exactly what your project needs? Allow our decades of experience to assist you with Programming as well.

Over two decades of Creating Beautiful and Functional Spaces


At ArchiDev Studio we bring a specialized knowledge of design principles and local building codes, making the entitlements phase more efficient and aligned with regulatory requirements. Our involvement ensures that the project's vision is accurately communicated and defended during reviews and public hearings.

Architectural Services

From Schemtic Design through Design Development, Construction Documentation, Permit Processing, Bidding and Negotiation to Construction Administration and Closeout ArchiDev Studios is there every step of the way to bring your project to life.

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